Construction Services

Working For You...Limehouse & Sons can design, fabricate, and install systems to meet industrial clients specifications. From the smallest to the largest job, Limehouse involvement insures quality work on fabrication products such as...miscellaneous platforms; stairs and supports; screw, pan, and belt conveyors; and coal storage tanks.

Certified welders are also available in the field (ARC, MIG, TIG) for pipe and tank work. Clients include chip mills, saw mills, cement plants, paper plants, chemical and industrial plants located throughout the Eastern United States.

Limehouse & Sons is also well equipped to meet crucial completion schedules, and will coordinate their work with plant shut down time for maximum efficiency. Jobs are quoted by firm price bid or contracted on a time-material basis. When necessary some projects may be undertaken in short notice. In emergency situations, Limehouse & Sons will make every effort to accommodate specific requirements for equipment and manpower to handle the job.